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The Modern Stock & Options Trading Show

Welcome to the Modern Stock and Options Trading Show. This is the podcast where portfolio manager and professional investment educator, Russ Mathews, shows you how to trade with an edge in today's markets. To powerfully BOOST your portfolio and manage the downside risk.

Apr 12, 2024


Episode #91: Reg-T Margin vs. Portfolio Margin

Russ discusses the types of accounts margin is used for, the pros and cons of each and the differences between Regulation-T margin and Portfolio Margin.  The origins of Portfolio Margin are covered and the types of strategies to use this type of leverage on.  Remember margin, of all types, is a loan from the broker-dealer to you based on your assets.   This means margin loans can magnify your winners or magnify your losses.  Be careful... but with careful use of margin you can speed up the growth of your account.    

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