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The Modern Stock & Options Trading Show

Welcome to the Modern Stock and Options Trading Show. This is the podcast where portfolio manager and professional investment educator, Russ Mathews, shows you how to trade with an edge in today's markets. To powerfully BOOST your portfolio and manage the downside risk.

Oct 21, 2022

In this episode of the Modern Stock & Option Trading Show, Russ describes the strategy to  best recover one’s portfolio.   If you have ever wondered, is there a way to possibly recover your next egg from down 30%-40% fairly quickly while further defining the downside risk, Russ describes how others do that.  Most importantly, you can define any further draw down risk and you can calculate this maximum risk up front before ever entering the trade.  The key is keep the risk level to a very low percentage (say 3%-5% of your portfolio) with an uncapped upside.  

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