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The Modern Stock & Options Trading Show

Welcome to the Modern Stock and Options Trading Show. This is the podcast where portfolio manager and professional investment educator, Russ Mathews, shows you how to trade with an edge in today's markets. To powerfully BOOST your portfolio and manage the downside risk.

Dec 19, 2023

To accumulate wealth, you must learn more than "Buy and Hold."  In the is episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, host Russ Mathews, goes through some key ideas for generating cash flow and how to keep more of what you generate.  He covers: the types of tax preferred accounts to trade in, how to use the leverage of options, concepts of margin and how it can turbo charge your accounts (though it can be a double edge sword), how to get paid in debt etc.  He also covers how conservative options trading concepts can also generate cash flow - writing covered calls, selling cash-backed puts to buy stocks we like at cheaper prices and get paid now, etc. 

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